When Julia 1.1.1 comes, should I upgrade from 1.1.0?

If yes, how would I do this most easily, without losing list of installed packages? I use Julia in conjection with Juno in Atom.

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especially the “risk tolerance personas” part. TL;DR: probably yes. The packages should not be affected.

It is always a good ideea to keep up to date…
I mostly run the latest linux nightly, update daily with this script (linux only).

  • If it is easy to update, do so
  • If in doubt, read the NEWS.md for changes
  • If it will take to long, ( for various reasons) wait 1.2, 1.3 etc and try to optimize the update process

No packages will be lost, these are not stored in the Julia installation path.

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Okay thanks guys, seems like it is best to upgrade then. I use Windows 10, so my question is then I guess, what is the most painless method for upgrading? Is it just to download Julia 1.1.1 bin and change only that folder?


And then, Atom/Juno will figure out everything?

Yes, that’s it. Depending on how your system is configured (is julia on your path?) you might need to change the settings in Atom to the new folder. Everything else should just work as-is.

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I just use the “JuliaPath” option inside Atom, and currently it is set to the folder, 1.1.0, but I can just rename it if I only need to update the bin. Thanks for the explanation guys.

What do you mean by rename? Just install the new version and change the JuliaPath option inside Atom to the new directory. Typically on Windows it looks like:


And should be changed to


At least if Julia sticks to the same directory naming conventions as it did until now.
For me it was always hassle free to do so. I quite often change the Julia version (even from 0.6 to 1.1) in the same manner.

Just to be clear: you need the entire Julia-1.1.1 folder, not just its bin folder. Replacing only the bin folder inside Julia-1.1.0 will cause all sorts of strange problems.


Great, thanks, I will keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend!

On MacOS the name of the directory (“app bundle”) is Julia-1.x by default, so when you install a patch upgrade it replaces the old version. This is convenient because you don’t need to update Julia paths in other software (IJulia, Juno, shell, etcetera). Maybe this should be the default on Windows as well?

If you change the path to Julia and you use Jupyter notebooks or similar, you need to re-run build IJulia at the pkg prompt.