How to upgrade Julia to a new release?


How to upgrade Julia 1.0.1 to a new release Julia 1.0.2?
No need to de-install the old version and download and install the new one!!!

There is some command that makes it all from the same program:
update Julia to new released and copy require file and package from the old version to the new one


You can either remove and reinstall, or just install the new version alongside the old one.

This is not necessary.


The only manual step I have noticed is, if you work with IJulia, you I think I needed to go ] build IJulia prior to working in jupyter after the installation.


sudo rm -r /usr/lib/julia-1.0.1
sudo mv /Downloads/julia-1.0.2/ /usr/lib/
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/julia-1.0.2/bin/julia /usr/bin/julia


On Mac OS, you just install the latest dmg file and replace the older one when it prompts you. Of course, this won’t work if you are moving from v1 to v2 as the path is major revision specific i.e. /Applications/


This is on Windows?
I recently installed Julia 1.0.2 on a system which originally had 1.0.1 installed.
Just install the new version.
The only thing is that a new desktop icon was not created.
As above, there is semantic versioning 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 is a patch release.
The 1.0 is the interesting version

So just install 1.0.2 GO into the package manager and type status
You will find you have your original set of packages.

Please stick with Julia. I have gone through a lot of the feelings you have, regarding corporate proxies and versioning.
Please dont get frustrated. We can help!