Upgrade to Julia 1.7 in Linux

this is probably a redundant question, but what is the easiest and more comprehensive way to upgrade Julia in Linux?
I say ‘easiest’ because the way I was doing was to literally change the folder where I store Julia with the new version, meaning then I need to re-install all the packages I was using. I say ‘comprehensive’ because I am using Julia via Juno/Atom, and after having upgraded Julia, I need to re-upgrade Juno independently.
What is the correct way to upgrade everything at once?

You could try GitHub - johnnychen94/jill.py: A cross-platform installer for the Julia programming language

Alternatively just manually unzip the latest Julia version somewhere, and change the location that julia points to if it’s on your path. By default Juno just uses whatever julia points to so you don’t need to do anything there.

As for installed packages these should be in project-specific environments anyway, so you can just instantiate those from 1.7. The base environment can just be copied over by duplicating your .../.julia/environments/1.6 folder and renaming it 1.7.

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Actually another one here: