What's in your `launch.json` and `tasks.json`?

I am migrating to VS Code. I have recently installed the package and a few extensions, among them Julia Language Support. I manually set the julia executable to point to juliaup’s “julia” (which just loads the right binary).

While I can run some test code here, I am uncertain if everything is set up correctly. Among other things, for each time I run or debug my helloworld.jl (in terminal), I get two identical messages in my output:

Error: there is no registered task type 'julia-proc'. Did you miss installing an extension that provides a corresponding task provider?

Admittedly this could be caused by failing to install some extension, but I have as I previously said at least installed the AFAIK official language support extension and it would seem weird if it depended on other extensions.

If anyone knows of an extension that I ought to have installed to solve this problem or indeed knows how to solve this problem in general, please let me know!

I suspect, however, that it’s more a question of misconfiguration. I looked at launch.json and found some strange things there, so I changed it to what I imagine is a reasonable setting (below). I’ve also looked for julia related tasks and found very few. This is the launch configuration that is being used for my julia files:

            "type": "julia",
            "request": "launch",
            "name": "Run active Julia file",
            "program": "${file}", 
            "stopOnEntry": false,
            "cwd": "${workspaceFolder}",
            "juliaEnv": "${command:activeJuliaEnvironment}"

I’m wondering what people that have well functioning julia-vscode setups have in their launch.json. I am also curious about julia relevant parts of tasks.json or for that matter anything that should go in settings.json.

Not solving your problem, but there should normally be zero setup, as long as your extension bar has this


you should be good to go (assuming Julia is on your path).

It does have that, although last I checked it didn’t have the load time. This isn’t likely to be a generic problem since I’m sure that would have been recognised and fixed before long.

This is also why I am asking about settings. I know launch.json was accidentally edited, so I changed it back after my best ability. Do your launch.json contain a similar “launcher” or does it differ in some significant way?