Two Configuration Questions about Julia in VSCode


I have two questions regarding Julia and the Julia extension for VS Code.

Coming from C++, I know I can use things like tasks.json, c_cpp_properties.json, and launch.json to configure my code compilation, its execution, debugging, etc.

From reading around it seems I can still use launch.json to establish my debugging options (like opening an integrated terminal on session start). And I think I’ve also determined the following:

  • Tasks.json is not necessary or used for Julia. The extension comes with its own commands for building and running the code. Did I get that right?
  • Should or can I create julia_properties.json like I did for c++?

I’d appreciate a peer check and any thoughts/comments.

Thank you!

Could we have this moved to “Tooling”?

I don’t have the definitive answers to your questions, but as far as I know there is no need for a tasks.json file or a julia_properties.json file when using the Julia VS Code extension.

Yes, there shouldn’t be any need to add custom tasks or a julia_properties.json (whatever that would do).
In general we have Julia: Execute ... commands that use the integrated REPL to run your code and Debug/Run File in new process, which you can probably customize in launch.json.

Thanks for the responses!