Julia run error in visual studio code

Hi, This is the first time i am trying to run Julia code in VS Code. Its just a bog standard first code but i get the error. Naturally I have installed Julia extension and also configured the json.

Error: there is no registered task type ‘julia-proc’. Did you miss installing an extension that provides a corresponding task provider?

Please help.

I’ve got the same issue. All my code runs fine, with or without debugging, but the Output console gives that same error on each run. Right now it’s just annoying.

It would be helpful to get some more information:

  1. how is Julia itself (not VS code extension) installed on your machine?
  2. If you do have Julia installed, can you run the code outside of VS code?
  3. What OS platform are you using?
  4. Other version info like Julia version etc

Thanks jmair!

  1. Standard 64-bit install from Download Julia
  2. Yes, I can run the code in Pluto and it works fine. I can also run it in the Julia REPL. Again for me the code works fine in VS code. It’s just that I get that same "no registered task type ‘julia-proc’ error in the “output” console. Not sure how to resolve it or if it will have any side effects for future code.
  3. Windows 10
  4. Julia version 1.8.3

Very strange. We should move this to the VS code category for some more insight.

The only (unfortunately weak) suggestion I have is to update VS code and install the insiders version of the extension instead and see if that fixes it.

Perhaps it would also be good to update to 1.8.5 via juliaup too, but I don’t think that will give you a resolution.