Problem using Julia in VS Code

I have recently installed VS code in my system, and added julia as an extension in it. However I have not been able to run julia scripts in it !

I was trying to run a simple helloworld script but it ended up with this message
The terminal process failed to launch: Path to shell executable "julia" is not a file or a symlink.

Can you be more specific? What button or command are you using in VSCode to try to run your script? Also, I assume you already had Julia installed on your computer before you installed VSCode and the Julia extension.

Yes I had Julia installed already!
Just wrote a one liner on Hello world and then clicked the green Run button as required!

I recommend taking a look at our “Getting Started” tutorial. In particular, you’ll need to point the extension to your Julia installation.

Might be overkill, but since it’s out there, here’s a video that shows how to set up the extension, and, in particular, where to verify that your julia installation is found.

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In case you use Windows, the portable Julia solves your problem by setting everything up automatically.