What Tags do we need?

As I mentioned in Discussion categories - #28 by ChrisRackauckas and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - #18 by vchuravy I want to try out using tags to organise content instead of creating many subcategories.
If you can think of a tag that you would think is useful and or if you just posted a topic that would fit a tag and we currently don’t have it posts your suggestions below.

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How do tags work? Can anyone create them? Is it possible for users to tag other people’s posts, once they reach a certain trust level?

Tag can be created by TL3+, and users can apply tags to their own posts.
Only people who can edit posts can add additional tags (so either TL3+ or TL4+, I have to check that)

Ah, okay.

It would probably make sense to have tags for many of the labels in the julia repo (e.g. dates, pkg, arm, etc.).

It would be nice if we could create tags for each package registered in metadata: is there an easy way to do this?

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I don’t think so, since we don’t have direct access to the DB. Also tags need at least on post associated with them…

What about a tag for each topic with a “sufficiently-sized org”? That should, a month or so, have a tag for each.

fwiw, the notes here and in discussion-categories agree on the nature of Categories and Tags.
Some categories are high traffic interest groups, some are fields of practice & expertise, others
are aspects/manners of advancing Julia, others uniquely facilitate the community. Tags attach associations that simplify/speed development, specify properties, or record expectations.

This should be a sticky post for a while, to remind people about tags and encourage them to both use the existing ones and suggest new ones. Approved tags should get organized in a wiki post along with their descriptions, for people willing to get advice on their usage.

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If it doesn’t hurt and as we have been discussing over this post, could you make a Quantum tag? Thanks.

It already exists: Topics tagged quantum

Great! Sorry, I didn’t notice that.