Establishing category Domain/Quantum

Thank you for moving to Discourse! This looks especially appreciatable to people who cannot visit Google sites (like in the most populated country–China).

Just a question aside, is that possible to have a Quantum domain in the forum for people associated with the JuliaQuantum organization to discuss questions? We were using the previous Google groups and Gitter for discussions. We don’t feel there will be a lot of people participating in the Discourse forum soon as we have only one package released so far. But I would like to discuss with the org members regarding this possibility of moving to Julia Discourse if the official site can help create a domain just like Optimization, Statistics and other fields for us at any time. Thanks!

As mentioned elsewhere we will limit the number of categories and subcategories that we establish until we see a clear need for them. Until then we can use tags to organise contents and topics.


Like the idea of using tags. Thanks.