More stackoverflow julia tags

Is it me? I find there aren’t that many julia tags over at

Would it not be useful to create a few more? For instance, julia-de (or julia-differentialequations). Maybe also julia-struct and/or julia-methods and/or julia-types? Maybe julia-arrays, julia-vsc (or julia-visual-studio)? Maybe julia-python, julia-r, julia-matlab.

We don’t want hundreds of them, but the problem is currently if you have a question about structs and tag with struct, you’re reaching out a little too far.

Any opinions? Any tags you wish you had?

Tags currently available, as far as I can tell: julia, julia-jump, ijulia-notebook, julia-studio, julia-flux, julia-dataframe, juliaDB, julia-gpu, julia-gen, julia-plots, julia-pkg

And maybe deprecate julia-studio?

I personally wouldn’t have the authority to add tags over at stackoverflow, but I’m pretty sure someone on discourse could do something about it if the community felt it was worthwhile.

Isn’t this done by using multiple tags, instead of combining them?


so if you tag julia-dataframe, you’re specifically tagging for the Julia DataFrames package, while if you tag julia and dataframes, you’re also tagging for R users, Python-Pandas users, and so on.

Newest 'differentialequations.jl' Questions - Stack Overflow is a popular tag. It would be nice to document that and make some aliases to julia-differentialequations and sciml


Sure, but that’s how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it? If you have to mash together tags, that sort defeats the purpose of tags in the first place.

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By that reasoning most of the "julia-" tags are redundant. IMHO it’s easier to track julia-plots than julia+plots. YMMV though.

I just came across an example of general-purpose tagging. Someone had a question about “linear systems” in Julia and naturally enough tagged their question with "julia", "linear-algebra", and "numerical-methods". Of the three answers received, only one is specifically about Julia (and none has been accepted). A julia-linear-algebra tag, would perhaps/hopefully (mere speculation, but not entirely unreasonable) have attracted more Julia- specific answers from users/maintainers of the LinearAlgebra package.

There is one problem with this approach, people who monitor questions can miss unexpected/unknown tags. As an example, there is a stackoverflow bot on Zulip which collects all julia-related stackoverflow questions and do it by querying all #julia tagged questions. Lots of tags would be a nightmare to maintain.

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I see… Maybe it was just a bad idea.