What is command to convert a jl file to an ipynb file using Literate.jl

Sorry, I can’t find anywhere the command to convert a file.jl into a file.ipynb using Literate.jl.
How is it done?

Did you see the documentation? If you did, and still weren’t able to figure out it I would be happy to hear your feedback so that it can be improved.

You use Literate.notebook like this:

using Literate

which will create a file inputfile.ipynb in the same directory.

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Yes, I read the documentation but I couldn’t find the command. Now I re-read it and I think it is in the output format section of the documentation. But I think it is not as clear as your example. Thank you.

Ok, thanks. Perhaps there should be a “Getting started” section or something.

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Yes. I have the same opinion.

I want to convert .jl file to a .ipynb file but I don’t want the cells of the notebook to be evaluated during the process (because the code takes a long time to run). What should I do? Should I set the postprocess keyword argument to some “do nothing” function?

No, you pass execute = false, see the manual section on Configuration.