Equivalent of `nbconvert` when using IJulia


I was trying to run the command

nbconvert --to pdf --TemplateExporter.exclude_input=True  my_notebook.ipynb

to avoid printing the code output of a cell as per the discussion here.

Is there an equivalent in IJulia that I can run from the command line?

Thank you!

In principle, nbconvert should be pretty agnostic as to whether the notebook is in Python or in Julia, but I would very much recommend having a look at Quarto for a much smoother experience (also independent of the notebook language)


Quarto is indeed much nicer.

However, they seem to be lacking a side-by-side preview function or display of plots underneath cells in VSCode, as per here, which is great when trying things out.

Unless I am missing something?

You can still use .ipynb files. Quarto just takes care of converting them to PDF or other formats for a “report”.