Downloading Jupyter notebook as jl script

I am facing converting ipynb files to jl script using jupytext as described here ~
jupyter notebook - .ipynb Julia files to .jl files - Stack Overflow

julia> jupytext --to jl "/home/rajarsi/Rosller.pp.ipynb"
ERROR: syntax: invalid operator "--"
 [1] top-level scope at REPL[1]:0

Could someone help diagnose the issue?

I haven’t used jupytext, but I think that you have to run that command in your shell and not in julia REPL.


you could also (a) download the notebook and then (b) use the nbexport from

Well it worked maybe! But the problem is the .jl file generated is not opening uo when I try to open it on Pluto ! IDK what went wrong!!

If you want to open the notebook in Pluto, I think it would be better to use Jupyter2Pluto.jl instead of Jupytext.