Converting .jl file to any kind of markdown

How do I convert a jl file (julia source file) to markdown from within Atom, or from the command line? Once I do that, I can use Pandoc to print the file. It is more complex than using triple quotes around the program. When I tried this and ran panddoc, I did not get my unicode characters, although it did work on a very simple example. Any insights?

Maybe look here?

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I’m a fan of Weave.jl, which integrates nicely with Atom via the language-weave atom package. There’s good support within Juno so you can interleave code blocks and prose, and still evaluate the code with ctrl-enter as with regular julia code. Just make a file with the .jmd extension and start writing markdown.

I have been using Juno, which I had to stop because of functioning issues. So now I am working on TUI. In terminal, how could I convert .jl to .ipynb and html. I did see Literate.jl, but did not exactly understand how could I solve my problem. If you could help me with this, I would appreciate it.