What are you excited the most about Juliacon 2024?

Juliacon 2024 is coming! What are you excited about? For me, I’m excited about the state of Julia keynote and the specific change about the memory.


For me, what tops the char are the talks about new ways to distribute/deploy Julia: “App support in Pkg” and “New ways to compile Julia”. These may be huge, the biggest thing in Julia since package images. My hopes are sky high!

But there is so much goodness! I’m also looking forward to Him Holy and Claire Foster’s talk on code provenance (presumably showing JuliaLowering.jl off), Elliot Saba’s BinaryBuilder talk, and Keno Fisher and Shuhei Kadowaki’s talk on static analysis.


Usually JuliaCon has been hosted at a university. JuliaCon Local Eindhoven was hosted at the High Tech Campus. This year only the workshops will be hosted at TU Eindhoven. JuliaCon Global Eindhoven will be hosted in a soccer stadium, PSV Stadion, where we have exclusive access to the facilities.

I’m looking forward to the interactions this kind of venue will permit. The stadium has so many great spaces to sit down and start spontaneous conversations.