WGLMakie meshscatter plot GPU load goes to 70% and stays there

I am doing some 3D plotting in Makie (using WGLMakie in Pluto), and even when not changing the scene, the load on my graphics card goes to about 70% and stays there, as if it is continually redrawing the scene. Is there something I can do to relieve this load, other than switching to another tab?

Minimum example:

    using Random
    using WGLMakie

    U= rand( -1.:.001:1, 3, 1000 )
    pts= Point3.(U[:,i] for i ∈ 1:size(U,2))

    scene= Scene()
    meshscatter!( scene, pts, markersize= 0.02, color=:red )

test_webgl.jl notebook source