Updated instructions for Makie + Pluto

What are the most up to date instructions to visualize WGLMakie scenes inside a Pluto notebook?




The link isn’t loading for me, perhaps a temporary connection issue?

If you have slow internet, it may be a bit slow to load :sweat_smile: It has quite a bit of states cached for the offline interactivity feature.

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I want to produce web pages with a bit of text, code, some LaTeX maths and plots. I’ve previously used weave.jl to produce pdfs in Tufte style. But now I’d like to chuck in some interactive makie plots e.g. see how a stream plot changes with new parameter values.

Given that I have no background in html or Java script (but obviously happy to learn on the job), what do you think would be the simplest method to achieve this? I guess Documenter would be much the same as Weave.