Warning: `Possible method call error`

Hi, I am new to Julia in the VS Code, does someone know how to get rid of this annoying warning? The code is fully working by the way.


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The only way to get rid of this class of false positives is to turn the feature completely off in VSC’s settings e.g., add the following line to your settings.json:

"julia.lint.call": false,


Thanks! @piechologist

@piechologist and @arturofburgos
I also frequently get this every time I call plot(). I am not the best coder, so would it be “safe” for me to turn off the linter help? Is it from VS code, or the Julia extension? I’m not sure I want all the warnings off if that makes sense…

There’s no fine grained control.

You can’t disable the warnings for plot only. There’s a setting to disable the linter for certain directories but that’s probably not what you’re looking for. There are a dozen of other linter classes. Open VSCode > Settings and search for “julia lint”.

The linter logic is definitely part of the Julia VSCode extension. I remember a recording from JuliaCon 2023 and it seems linting is a non-trivial job to do.