VS code - Spurious "Possible method call error". How to locally disable?

Windows 10, Julia 1.6.1, VSCode 1.59.1, Code Ext 1.3.32

I understand that it is not so easy to detect invalid calls in Julia…
But… Is there a some kind “pragma” to locally disable these warning ?

Here the declaration:

struct GitConfig
    GitConfig() = new("","","","")
    GitConfig(github::String ; user::String, email::String, branch::String) = new(user, email, github, branch)

And the Possible method call error call below in the same file, same module:

    conf = GitConfig(readconfig("github.user");
        user   = readconfig("user.name"),
        email  = readconfig("user.email"),
        branch = readconfig("init.defaultBranch"))

You can disable these in the settings. This particular issue was fixed by


Thanks! Nice fix… 2 days ago :sweat_smile:
Note that Lint:Call disable this globally…
I’ll leave it like until the next release…