Wanted to learn machine learning(ML) from scrach!

I am a research scholar working with the mathematical part of nonlinear dynamics. And I wanted to implement ML in research to validate the outcomes. So please suggest the materials (books, blogs, YouTube links, or any) to start learning as well as to implement and modify/create the ML code.

There is the classic “deep learning” book that I can recommend (Part I and Part II are enough to get the basics). I recommend getting the hardcover, but if you want to have a quick first look, the book is also available in html here https://www.deeplearningbook.org/
If you are just starting out, I would not recommend starting with blogs, as not all content there is trustworthy or correct.


Thank you so much for your recommendation, Christian Dengler. I will start learning from this book. Wonderful book after going through the book for a few minutes.

Is there a full Julia implementation of this book available for reference?

I have just started to read the book, it seems worth reading, and I hope we can implement Julia programming for our needs. This what I have understood. Please do as the experts in Julia.

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Also the Machine Learning with Python class of the MITx micromaster in Statistics and Data Science is a very good theoretical introduction to ML (despite the name there is very little coding/Python)