New Julia book, oriented towards Machine Learning

Hello everyone,

As per Andrew’s suggestion, I’m posting this here, so that it can be added to the part of the website.

Book title: Julia for Machine Learning
Author: Zacharias Voulgaris
Publisher: Technics Publications
Promo code (25% discount): JuliaJune
Format: print and PDF
Reader level: Intermediate

Some knowledge of Julia is expected to follow the book easily. However, some chapters can be read and understood even without a solid understanding of the language.



I bought the julia for data science book. I felt that it covered alot of things by writing Julia code from scratch. IIRC glm was like that in Julia for data science.

Does this book cover package or focus on lower level details?

This book does cover packages, particularly packages related to ML. Also, it provides context and additional knowledge on ML that, IMO, is equally important. There is some lo-level parts, like in the chapter where a simple ML model is built from scratch, but these parts are few. Cheers

You can do this yourself very easily by editing the relevant file (I guess this would be an entry for the Books section around the one of Tom Kwong’s), this will open a PR which will be merged quickly



Many thanks, tlienart!