New to Machine Learning, Where to begin?

Hi everyone.
I do not know ANYTHING about machine learning, and I would like to read about it and apply it with Julia. Most of the info I find is Python based and I much prefer to use Julia.
I wonder if you can recommend some texts/blogs and examples.
Kind regards.

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Maybe this? Introduction to Machine Learning | JuliaAcademy

Hey! This is very cool. Thanks!

I like:

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Hmm these tutorials were created mostly for people who know ML and are trying to use MLJ specifically, so I don’t think it’s a great resource for a complete beginner apart from the ISL (ones but then you should also get the book - introduction to statistical learning (or Murphy’s or one of the other many intro to ML books)

Hi, you may also take a look at GitHub - schlichtanders/fall-in-love-with-julia: An introductory 101 series to get to know the power of Julialang. :slight_smile:

This MITx MOOC course that just started a couple of weeks ago is faboulous and doesn’t assume any backgrounds on ML.

It is based on Python, but I “implemented” most of it in Julia: GitHub - sylvaticus/BetaML.jl: Beta Machine Learning Toolkit

It is however very long (1 semester, 15h/week)… it goes a lot on the maths and the intuitions behind ML, but it has very little practice and the Python part at the end is very small, just because there is no ML without computation, but it’s not the core. Still, it is a lovely foundation to learn ML in breath and not just how to “use” some ML framework…

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