VSCode Julia - Autocompletion does not show parameter information

I am new to Julia, and I transitioned from Atom to VSCode, and I have a couple of questions

1- While the autocomplete works for function names, it does not show me parameter information after I open bracket. I was expecting something like the second screenshot in the Julia VSCode github documentation.
Is there a work around for that?

2- after defining a multidimensional array, the REPL shows a nice table format for the output, but the Julia workspace on the bottom right in the screenshot shows a weird cartesian index type of format. Is there a way to change how things show up in the Workspace view to look like atom which shows the array in actual table format?

Thank you all!

  1. Works fine for me:
  2. You can click on the “Open in VSCode” button on the right to open the table in the integrated table viewer.
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