Autocomplete kwargs in vscode

If I have a function with kwargs like this:

my_f(a, asdfg=4; zxcvbn=5) = println(a, asdfg, zxcvbn)

how can i get in vscode the autocomplete of kwargs when i call it?

my_f(3, ?... # no autocomplete
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Totally agree! It is one of the resaons why users like R-Studio so much! Or is it already possible?

There are approaches, see e.g. Add REPL-completion for keyword arguments by Liozou · Pull Request #43536 · JuliaLang/julia (

But I also think there’s much still missing.
Practical example: Quickly read in a CSV file with a different delimiter. In Matlab simply type readtable("file.csv", <tab> and get a list of all kwargs. I press “d” and the correct option “Delimiter” is presented. <tab>, adding my delimiter and that’s it. Self-explaining. Awesome. No need to look at any docs.

That does not work in Julia. Is the only way to open the docs side-by-side for even trivial things like that?