Am I too stupid to use the Julia vscode plugin?

I just installed a fresh vscode. Afterwards I installed the julia extension.

Now, I create a new empty Julia file text.jl and start typing:


No autocompletion. Even when triggered by CTRL + SPACE it just says “No suggestions.”.

I was hoping for IntelliSense.

I can tell that something is working because I can, for example, start the integrated Julia REPL and evalute code from the editor with CTRL + ENTER.

Am I doing something wrong?

(I’m on Windows 10.)

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I see, that’s unfortunate. Thanks for pointing out the issue though!

weird, im using julia 1.1 on VScode and windows 10 and it looks fine

There a few things that can fail: it might help to open vscode’s output pane and find the output for the Julia language server. In my case I found a bug that was easy to work around and got the language server up and running on 1.1 pretty quickly after that.

Unfortunately, the julia Language Server output seems to contain only a single line:

[ Info: Started symbol server

Indexing all packages can take really long the first time you start the symbol server, so maybe it’s just taking longer than you waited?

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Thanks for the hint. I’ll let it run in the background over night and check again tomorrow morning.

Unfortunately, I still only see the info message above. No autocompletion.

If you solved this issue, mind submitting a PR?

Oddly enough, I did not encounter this problem. Everything works fine for me in v1.1. Interesting…

@carstenbauer, is it that you can get no completion, or just no completion for particular symbols? I know there is this issue and this one which make the autocompletion of limited usefulness.

It didn’t work for anything I tried (symbols, Base methods, etc.).

FYI: The github issue mentioned above was closed because a SymbolServer.jl PR was merged. Maybe things will start working soon.