I tried to solve julia executable VScode problem

1.I’m windows 11
2.i tried to solve julia executable problem so i follow the this page

Could not start the julia language server in VS Code - Stack Overflow
and it get worse…when i add LanguageServer package



I don’t think you should add LanguageServer package, the VSCode extension is supposed to handle that. I’m not sure it would even try to use the LanguageServer you installed.

As for you original error which I presume is Could not start the julia language server. Make sure the configuration setting julia.executablePath points to the julia binary., I can’t help you there.

That stackoverflow page is pointing folks in all the wrong directions.

The best way to get things working on Windows 11 is:

  1. Install Julia from the Windows Store.
  2. Install VS Code.
  3. Install the Julia extension from VS Code.
  4. Configure nothing, do nothing else. Everything should just work. If it doesn’t, certainly don’t follow the steps in that stackoverflow article, almost everything in there doesn’t make sense :slight_smile: