VSCode Intellisense


I have been using Julia for a few years and never had intellisense working but now I want to try it. I have checked a bunch of settings, reinstalled Julia, the extension, and VSCode, rebooted heaps, but still I get no intellisense.

Any hints what approach I should take next.

Windows 10
Julia 18.2
Latest VSCode and extension.


Do you adopt a standard Julia project structure?

Hi Laurent,

I don’t know, is this defined somewhere?

all files are named .jl and are in the same folder.


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OK, I always work using canonical project structure so I though It could be the issue… but it is not :wink:
It is a bit old but you may check Julia #0/2 : setup for beginner - YouTube (if you can bear with my english).
I have just check on a single file in the general environment and it works for me.

I assume that you start Julia by typing Alt-J Alt-O from vscode (not typing julia in a vscode terminal) like in this example (mini - YouTube).

Hi Laurent,

Thanks for your help. Yes, I just use Alt-j-o, but I have now broken Julia completely as a result of uninstalling and re-installing using the installer that installs Juliaup. Julia seems to have installed according to Juliaup

PS C:\Source\Julia\test> juliaup status
Default Channel Version Update

   *  release  1.8.2+0.x64

But now when I try to start the repl I get a message
command ‘language-julia.startREPL’ not found

Given Juliaup seems like to latest best practice for installing julia I thought it best to use this. Now I’m totally lost and with no clue how to go about fixing my setup. I just want a plain vanilla windows vscode setup. I will now try removing everything again and this time reinstall without Juliaup and at least see if that works.