VS Code extension v0.11.5 released


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Does this mean that things like Alt+Enter should execute selected code? This still doesn’t seem to be working for me… I still get the “Execute code block only works once the Julia Language Server is ready.” message

See here.

Great work! I used this for most of the work day instead of vim.

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So Ctrl+Enter does seem to be working now on my Windows machine. As of last night things like this were still not working on my Linux machine.

CTRL+Enter should always work. Alt+Enter only works if the language server has started.

I’m still not able to jump to a function definition and it uses >80% of CPU for doing nothing I can think of. It also a small project.

Sorry it just took 5minutes… Now CPU is normal and F12 works. Thanks :wink:

The extension currently does a lot of one-time-work before in terms of building up a cache of information that is needed later. Improving that story would be really great.

Fantastic! Just installed it and it works wonderfully!

Well, it kind of works… But still not as good as 9 months ago with Julia 0.6.
My problem is still, that the language server doesn’t find my own modules, that I included in the LOAD_PATH.
The workaround, suggested in https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/issues/307 is not working for me.

A workaround that works would already help a lot!

Yeah, we just don’t support custom LOAD_PATHs right now… We’ll have to see how we can add that back in.

This is working great for me. Much faster load time, useful code inspection features, etc. Thanks @davidanthoff for all the hard work.

Why is it so hard? I would be happy to hard-code it in any file if I would know in which one.