VS Code extension v0.11.0 beta release


Thanks everyone for the feedback!

We are happy about feedback in any form, but you can make our lives a little easier by opening issues over at https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode, ideally one issue for each problem you encounter :slight_smile: If that is too cumbersome, keep responding here, more important than our workflow is that we hear the feedback!

If I use Julia REPL (started by F1, then “Julia: Start REPL” or by Ctrl-Enter to execute selected lines of code), my PyPlot plotting will take long time and will not generate any window with plot. However, if I go with the standard terminal and start Julia manually there, the PyPlot plotting works fine. This is a big problem for me as my script does a lot of plots.

This sounds to me like this? Does it also now show anything when you call gcf()? Or is this another, distinct problem?

Thanks for this report, very helpful! https://github.com/JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vscode/issues/602

The whole environment support right now is half baked, and we won’t fix this before we ship v0.11.0… I know pretty much what needs to be done to get this all into shape (some of it is really tricky), and that will be the main thing for v0.12.0 for me. But right now, we mainly want to ship :slight_smile:


Thanks! Calling “gcf()” did show the plot in a new plane.

I almost thought “gcf()” didn’t work when I followed it by a semicolon “;” in REPL habitually. This “;” suppressed the plot output. When I removed “;” it worked.


Sorry for so many questions - I’m new to VS plot planes.
(1) How do I interact with a PyPlot plot in a plot plane? E.g. pan, zoom, change to full screen, save as figure, …
(2) If I cannot do that for a plot plane, am I able to still use the F5 (and thus the REPL) but not the plot plane (which is triggered by gcf())?



You can’t, the plot pane is quite basic right now.

You should be able to pop the VS Code display from the julia base display stack and then the plotpane won’t be used anymore.


Thanks! I’m newbie regarding this. Can you explain or point me to any document that explains how to “pop the VS Code display from the julia base display stack”?