VS code crash loading big file NetCDF

I have to load a NetCDF file of around 50Mb, it’s working fine within the shell but not in VScode.

The error message from julia is super fast I don’t have time to copy past here.
VScode return this:

path\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia-1.7.1\bin\julia.exe '-i', '--banner=no', 
 'DEBUG_MODE=false'". Code de sortie : 1.

Any idea, thank you

Try disabling Revise in VSCode. Alternatively, run a terminal in VSCode and start julia from the terminal.

thank you.
Seems like it’s not about VScode, it’s something different between julia version 1.6.0 where it works fine compared with 1.7.2 where julia crash.
I’m investigating to better understand the error between julia version, and package version…

OK finally get the issue: https://github.com/Alexander-Barth/NCDatasets.jl/issues/164
Not linked with VScode at all.

The current released version NCDatasets has been marked incompatible with the problematic NetCDF_jll (for Windows).
Can you run these commands and share the output of the ]status commands?

]status --manifest NCDatasets NetCDF_jll
]status --manifest NCDatasets NetCDF_jll

Having the version number of your installed package is very helpful to troubleshoot this problem.

If the error persists can you try this:

]add NetCDF_jll@400.702.400
]pin NetCDF_jll

Thank you. Following your thread on github I solved the issue for now.