Julia VSCode extension Problem: the julia language server crashed 5 times in the last 3 min

Hi, I have a huge problem with VSCode especially I think with the julia extension.

I used vscode before with the julia extension to be able to code in julia. Everything was fine my code was working well, but today problems are suddenly happening. I’ll post the problems below. I would like to point out that my computer skills are not very high. I’m a physics major, so my knowledge isn’t the best for this kind of problem.

I just want to say before that the ways I installed julia on windows 10 is: “winget install julia -s msstore”. I installed 6 different packages: Distributions, Plots, LatesStrings, JLD2, LinearAlgebra and Random. I’m using the last version of julia (1. 10. 2 ,March 1, 2024) and the VSCode extension that I use are only Julia extension and julia color extension.

So the problem I think come to the julia extension of VSCode, and I’ll show also the output :

I tried to desinstall julia with all the packages, all the VSCode extension but nothing change. This is why I asked here if someone have a solution otherwise I’ll have to change text editor but if i prefer stay on VSC if I can.

This is my first post, I hope it was clear to understand. thank you for reading.

Is this Windows 11? Are you running as administrator?

One of your Julia files has an embedded NULL, which we don’t like (and you shouldn’t either). You’ll need to look for that yourself currently, but the next release should have a bit more info on which file the error is talking about:

I’m on windows 10 and I’m not running in admin. I tried but nothing change

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thank for the respons, I’ll look at that, but when it’s say julia file has an embedded null is it in my code folder, in the julia folder or in the julia extension of VSCode folder ?

It should be a file in your code folder (or referenced from it, maybe).

thanks for your quick answers, I’ll check it out

I fund the problem, thank you a lot for spend time to help me