Visualizing quaternions - An explorable video series

Checkout these interactive videos for a hands-on immersive experience of the use of quaternions.

Hopefully it will inspire some of you to port these interactive video ideas to Julia and extend the application of interactive “videos” to things like linear algebra, statistics, modeling, etc.

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I have already watched these and was thinking of contacting the authors to get more information about how they were made, with which languages etc.

Do you have any such info?

Ben Eater answered part of this question near the top of the Discuss these explorable videos section:

“Since there wasn’t really anything like this yet, we built it all ourselves from a variety of existing web tools: WebGL (using threejs plus some custom shaders) for 3d stuff, raw canvas for the 2d stuff, howlerjs for handling the audio playback, and lots of React for the UI and to glue it all together. It’s very much a bespoke app. In the future, I hope we’ll build more of these and as we do so, the tech will evolve to something more easily generalized.”

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