Visualizing Matrix Transformations in Julia

I am new to julia. I have used manim in python. There we can visualize matrix transformation using a 2d grid and it’s transformation. Can we do the same in Julia?, Can someone help a bit?

Hey @aburousan - you might want to have a look at Javis.jl and have a peek at our examples page where users have been pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Javis. We were very inspired by manim when making this animation engine. :slight_smile:

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Thank you… it almost feels like Manim in Julia. I guess it will do the work

There is still quite a lot to do regarding linear algebra transformations though.

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Have you used or made something like that?, It would be helpful if I can look into some work?

I haven’t regarding linear algebra I just know that we miss some basics like drawing a proper grid (can be done manually of course)

You can find examples of almost everything we know someone created in the examples section and in the Javis.jl section on my blog

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