[ANN] Javis 0.2.0: Julia Animations and Visualizations

Hi everyone!

@Wikunia and I are proud to announce the v0.2.0 release of Javis.jl!:tada: :tada: :tada:

This release greatly improves the overall process for working with Javis to create animations. :sparkles:
Some notable new features we added are:

  • Added a live viewer to preview animations!
  • Interoperability with Animations.jl (thanks Julius Krumbiegel!)
  • Progress bars via ProgressMeter.jl (thanks @tim.holy)
  • Ability to draw animated text
  • Ability to morph with fill or stroke and using SubAction to specify changes in color
  • An object described by an Action can follow a path
  • Revamped our tutorials

Want to learn how to use or contribute to Javis? Check out our documentation to see our contributing guidelines - beginners welcome! - and in-depth tutorials. And if you are just curious about Javis, see our mission statement.

Do you have any questions, feedback, or ideas for us? Feel free to join our community over on the Julia Zulip #javis stream! If you find any issues or problems with the tool or Javis, feel free to open issue on our project repo.

What are you waiting for? Run ]add Javis in your Julia REPL and try it out! You are the director - now go out and make some animations! :clapper:

~ Wikunia and TheCedarPrince


I see a latex tutorial but no matrix translation tutorial.

It’s unfortunately not part of v0.2 there are still quite some things to do.

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