[ANN] Javis.jl

We (@TheCedarPrince and @Wikunia ) are happy to announce Javis.jl.

Javis is a framework on top of the awesome packages Cairo.jl and Luxor.jl and makes it easy to animate small scenes and potentially some mathy YouTube Videos like the famous ones by 3b1b.

Currently the feature set is relatively limited with simple transformations of objects, fade in/out of them and some others.We have a long list of issues of feature we have in mind and welcome contributors of both issues and pull requests.

Check out the tutorials to see what Javis can do atm.

Join the adventure!



Great! Will play around with it and see if I can spot any bugs.

By the way, the links on the home page of the documentation are broken. They lead to https://wikunia.github.io/Javis.jl/dev/tutorials/tutorial_1.html (notice the .html at the end, which breaks the link). Navigating to the tutorials from the side panel is okay.


Currently fixing it. Thanks for mentioning. We also try to have stable docs soon :smiley:

All the documentation links should be operational now! Thanks for trying out Javis.jl :partying_face:

Really neat package, but the mascot kind of freaks me out hahaha. Awesome work though I may use this soon.

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Haha, well, as Javis gets better, so will the mascot! :smiley:

That’s awesome to hear @anon92994695! If you end up using it somewhere, we’d love to hear about it and see what you made! If you need additional functionality or have feedback, just let us know over at the repo for Javis or on the #javis stream in the Julia Zulip!