Virtual civilization game planned. Request features here

Note: This is in package announcement because the game will be released as a Julia package for API, making a GUI/etc will take extra effort.

Hi, I am a hobbyist indie game developer, and this will be my first 4X game. Unlike most games, which come with a GUI, I’m a true indie here and will publish the game in the form of an API. The player is free to implement any GUI or AI player, or you could play through the REPL if you’re a true nerd.

Rule: For vanilla games, only access information available through the API and only play actions according to the API. No cheating. For modded games, map editor, etc… you can have your own custom API.

These are the planned features.
The game is a sci-fi game, but unlike most sci-fi games which explore the space, this one creates the virtual world. Your goal is to create the successful virtual world.
Unlike traditional 4X games with traditional jobs like farmers, miners, etc… there will be server operators, artists, software engineers, gamers, etc… the jobs keep the servers running and updated.
Unlike traditional games, building virtual things take software engineering and artistic effort and requires server maintenance.

There are three types of research: physical research is about maintaining and upgrading the server with the latest hardware,
Software research deals with algorithms/etc…
Art research deals with creating better art assets.
Every few turns, there would be an “MMORPG event”. This event is where combats happen. You will send your gamers (the more skilled they are, the better they are at fighting) into virtual combat. Participating in the events grant you several benefits. Unlike traditional 4X games where you have to choose between fighting and engaging in diplomacy with another faction, putting up a good fight in these games can give you a diplomatic boost. (Role playing AI players please take this into account. AI that plays to win the game ignore this).
The game has 4 victory conditions, the popularity victory is for having a popular server, the gamer victory for your gamers being successful, the scientific victory is AI-themed, and the art victory is for making very wonderful arts.

Thanks for reading. Hope you like the idea.

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