Julians, are you interested in wargame?

After several ideas and considering the viability of finishing in the short term, I’m planning to make my next package as a hex-based sci-fi wargame (so I can get used to Gamezero or other Julia game library). Are you interested?

Some details:

  • The rule would be as implemented. This prevents ambiguities.
  • The game would be deterministic, with no dice or other rng.
  • The game would implement a fog of war system.

So, I’m asking you in off-topic because this is not particularly specific to Julia in any mean (other than that I plan to implement it in Julia) are you interested in it?


Oh no! A wargame is more complicated than I thought! I would maybe one day come back. Unfortunate.

Don’t have much time to play games, but would be happy to see any games implemented in Julia!

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It’s been a pleasure making some small contributions to JulGame.jl.

I definitely recommend making small games with the engine (Snake and its ilk), find features the engine could use, and then contribute! Great way to get your feet wet with game dev and help propel Julia game development forward!

@Kyjor is really doing some intense trail blazing, so the more people who can come in behind them and add developers docs, clean up code, optimize, write tutorials, etc., the more time they’ll have to keep breaking new ground!


Yes, it would be fantastic. I’m eager for games to be made in Julia!.