Video tutorial: Julia REPL tips and tricks

Hello all!

I recently recorded a video tutorial on some cool/neat/quality of life tips and tricks for getting the most out of the Julia REPL.

The point is to be learning in the open and bringing others along.

There’s stuff there for everyone to learn about (even I learned cool things, while rereading the manual, whodathunkit), including shortcuts, cool packages and shoutouts to their respective authors, as well as a script at the end so you can check up anything I used/mentioned at the end.

I’m especially interested if you are a beginner and I skipped over something that you would like to hear more about.

I will try to be doing more streams on so that people can ask questions in real time.

Happy hacking!


That was a pretty nice intro :wink: It would be cool to compress everything into a.5 min speed-intro for people with small attention spans


There is a script in the video description: maybe I can copy it here…

Maston Protter and REPLMaker.jl -

The link and the spelling looks wrong to me.

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Should be fixed. Thanks!

I’ve been using Julia for years but this video still contained loads of tricks that I never knew, Thanks!

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