Using prettytables with Pluto

Thanks Clark and Rob! I think it is getting closer. What I am ultimately trying to do is print out the table in both REPL and Pluto. The printout in both cases will look similar to DataFrame(chunks).

@goedman, I tried your code but there were a few problems. Although it now prints out a table with the ability to expand the view, it does not have labels or the correct number of columns. There should be 12 columns instead of 8.

As a point of reference, here is what it looks like in the REPL. I was hoping for something similar in Pluto. I’m still trying different suggestions, but nothing is quite working.

Here is what Pluto currently displays:

As you can see, it is missing columns and column labels.

Yip, we want all the features but don’t wanna wait 1s for DataFrames to load :slight_smile:

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