Using Julia Logo and SCIML Logo on a cover of an e-book?

I am getting ready to publish on Kindle Direct Publishing a quite long explanation of the Julia models that I have done during the last several years.

I would like to use the Julia and SCIML logo on the cover and on one page (the citing page).

Is that feasible?
All those logos appear to be of public domain, but I am seeing that many Julia language books do not show the logo?
This is my current draft of the cover:

I have a niece named Julia. The logo would help clarify to several older people in my family and to Julia that I have used the Julia programming language, not Julia.

I have put my models on Github already.


License information for the Julia logo can be found here:

Basically you must include attribution, and obtain permission for commercial purposes - I think?


Thanks, this help!

Since I have decided to go the commercial way to publish my book, I have to email Stefan Karpinski and ask.
The same thing with Chris Rackauckas for the SCIML logo.

Otherwise, I find this logo a pretty cool logo!

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I got okayed by SciML (Chris), I will use the logo.
I got no answer from Stefan.
I am not sure if in this case “silence implies consent”?
By looking at the book covers it seems not. Here dangdang:

By looking at the videos it seems yes. Here youtube:

I like to play it safe. I’ll use no logo whenever I’ll do something commercial.
I’ll use the logo when I’ll do something not commercial.

Otherwise, I have checked the logo license situation of other fellow programs.
Basically only Julia has the non-commercial condition. All other FOSS ones that I have checked (from haskell , to scilab via R and the others) either say nothing or just go give credit and share-alike. Some welcome and encourage the use of the logo , for example, python.

Python says

please seek permission from the PSF if you are planning to sell merchandise that shows the Python logo

but I’m not sure whether :book === :merch though. 🤷

In your case I’d be tempted to guess that silence is consent (and I would go ahead, preferring to “seek forgiveness rather than permission”), but it’s your call.

(If you want any graphics made, feel free to contact me, I’m always happy to help!)

Wouldn’t it be better to @-ping him in this thread, at least, before giving up?

I have given up. I like the Julia logo, but the world will not stop if I do not use it. I do not want to generate trouble in the world of the FOSS volunteers.
I am just a hobby biologist. Now I am publishing this book. Then I am planning to rest for a year or so, and then I am looking forward to writing some scientific article about this theory of “in-caput-evolution”. Those articles will be non-commercial, and therefore I’ll use the logo. “look I have done all the math for this theory, I did with image !!!”

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Just to be clear, it was consent saying that in no way does the SciML organization endorse any of the claims made in the book and that should be made clear in the cover matter, but feel free to say you used the software. That’s fine.

I did put the disclaimer on the citation page:

I promise, I’ll mention it whenever I’ll cite the use of the SciML packages.