Modification of Julia logos, logo usage


Dear community,

I am about to write a Julia package (for research, not commercial) and was thinking about slightly modifying one of Julia’s logos for this (the three dots). I would like to publish the package for the Julia community to use.

My question(s): Who owns the right? Can I just use them without especially referencing anyone if the package is published under the MIT license and freely available for the community (think about the Documenter.jl logo)?

Thanks in advance,


There was some prior discussion here:!searchin/julia-users/logo/julia-users/fXSAGytsSVY/FKkop4GeLFYJ but it doesn’t actually answer your question of whether you can modify it.

But I’m pretty sure you can use a clearly modified version. Most “serious” package have them.


In short, almost everybody uses a modified version. Julia organization logos

I also used something similar for JuliaDynamics although it was produced by a computer and not a modification of the logo.


Thanks, just wanted to make sure no ones rights are touched…