Using issue filtering in github


I tried to look around on the julia issues about the state of multithreading.
I can filter issues to is:open and label:multithreading but i cannot filter to the milestone.
If i go to the milestone page all issues are presented open and close, but no other filering (like recently changed etc.) can be applied.

How do i filter for open and closed issues on multithreading, being part of the 0.6.0 milestone?


is:open label:multithreading milestone:"0.5.x" works fine, take a look at this filtering-issues-and-pull-requests-by-milestone.


Thank you, i wasn’t aware of the syntax. Unfortunately no many multithreading issues are assigned to 0.6


you failed to filter out a multithreading issue in 0.6.0 milestone just because it doesn’t exist. you can use something like this is:open label:multithreading updated:>=2017-01-01 to keep tracking latest issues.