Initial Steps towards Contributing to Julia

Hi I am new to the world of open source development.I am fascinated by the domains of Julia language and trying to fix some newcomers issues in order to contribute but facing some problems.

First, I have built unstable version of Julia i.e. v1.1. Now I am not getting which issues are linked to the specific version of Julia?Also I am not able to find link to #my-first-pr channel on slack.Please help me out.


Hi there,

to get access to #my-first-pr and Julia’s Slack in general, visit

To see a list of issues that have been marked for the upcoming 1.1 release, go to Julia’s github page → Issues and then select the 1.1 milestone (direct link). Same for other Julia versions and pull requests.

Note that there is also a “good first issue” label attached to some issues (select label instead of milestone, direct link). These are, as the name suggests, good starting points because they have been identified as simple enough.

Have fun contributing!


Thanks for helping out @carstenbauer.

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