When will Julia 0.7 arrive?


Is there any estimation for Julia 0.7 release date?


Q4 / when these issues are all addressed: 1.0 milestone issues. So anyone who wants to see 1.0 sooner is encouraged to pick an issue they think they can tackle and make a PR. The help wanted label has some of the items which might be more approachable than other changes which interact with more of the system. Beware that a number of these have the “design” or “decision” labels, which means that the question is more about what to do at this point.


Is that 1.0, or 0.7? The 1.0 milestone issues will be addressed for 0.7??

Also, the “up for grabs” link returns an empty list.


1.0 actually is 0.7. The only difference being that deprecations have been removed.


GitHub introduced “help wanted” as a standard name for this label, so we changed it, which broken this link. Thanks – I’ve fixed it in my post.