Usable shell on Windows (yay!)


You might know about it already, but in case you don’t: the git bash is very usable with Julia. (The default
on Windows is for Julia to run in a normal Windows terminal, which means the shell commands don’t work as expected.)

Terminal on Windows: git bash
Pasting into Julia REPL in Windows 10

Wow. There is a shell mode in the Julia REPL. As a Windows user, I never knew. TIL. :slight_smile:


OK, so I played around with this for a while. Shell commands work now (yay! indeed), but I had/have two issues so far:

  • All fonts looked extremely blocky even though I enabled TrueType fonts on installation of git. Increasing font smoothing in the console options fixed this.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste are ctrl+insert and shift+insert by default. This is a deal breaker for me. I absolutely need these bound to ctrl-c and ctrl-v. I could easily rebind ctrl-c and ctrl-v with Autohotkey which I have running anyway, but that would mess up SIGINT in the Julia REPL. I don’t have a solution for this.


True, on both counts.

I have solved the problem of the copy/paste by rebinding voice commands. (I program using voice recognition.)


Ctrl-Shift-c/v are available for copy/paste.


Try this:

  1. edit the configuration file to read

    Note the added, highlighted, option.
  2. enable the following options

Et voila, you have Ctrl-c/v for copy/paste. The drawback is that now to interrupt you have to type Ctrl-Shift-c.
A trade off…


Thanks, I should be able to live with Ctrl-Shift-c for SIGINT.


Mac user here but sometimes I code Julia on my Surface Pro. When I do, I use the Linux Subsystem for Windows 10. If you’re on that version of windows, it worth checking out, works great. It runs Ubuntu or SUSE under Win 10 so you get bash.

As for the Terminals themselves, I usually go with ConEmu:

But Babun ( and cmder ( are good choices too.

These things have oh-my-zsh integration and with real bash it’s a powerful combination. Being a Linux subsystem you can install all the Ubunutu goodies via apt-get.


That is a good point.


Not detracting from what @essenciary says, I find MobaXterm to be the nightwear preferred by all right thinking feilines.