Pasting into Julia REPL in Windows 10


Hi all,

Is it possible to paste text into the Julia REPL when OS=Windows 10?

As of Windows 10, we can paste into the command line using Ctrl+v (can’t believe it took this long?!?), but that doesn’t seem to work for the REPL (at least not for me).




Ctrl+v works as it should for me in Windows 10, so check your system. Have you checked “Enable Ctrl key shortcuts” in the upper left menu under Properties? If that solves your problem then do the same thing again but choose Defaults instead of Properties so that it works the next time you start Julia.

For those that are unaware: in previous versions of Windows you can copy/paste in the REPL using the right click menu. It’s awkward, but it kind of works.


For me it doesn’t either, I just right-click to do this.


Yep, the enable button is checked. Note that the Ctrl+v works fine in the regular command window. It only stops working once I fire up the Julia REPL. And it starts working again as soon as I quit. Not sure if I should file an issue given that it seems to work for some users…

As with Seif_Shebl, I can just right click to get paste (no menu - literally just a right click will paste whatever is on the clipboard).

Cheers, and thanks for responding. Interesting to know it works for some.



Ah yes, the right-click works for me too. Literally just a right-click (ie no menu) which surprised me a bit.

Cheers, thanks for responding.



I would suggest running Julia on Windows 10 from the git bash. You get the terminal functions working (list the directory, and all the other Linux goodies), it has a sane copy/paste behavior, and you can use git either from Julia or from the Bash window. Usable shell on Windows (yay!)


Oh wow! I’m a Linux user forced onto Windows for a few specific problems at work (for boring reasons), so this is awesome news.

Just tried it out and it is working perfectly. I think I actually prefer Shift+Insert for paste to the old Ctrl+Shift+v. Many thanks,



Another (albeit more cumbersome) solution is to use notepad++ as an editor for julia. I havr used it for quite some time (before running into the excellent vscode extension)

This approach works directly with the repl and is very lightweight.


Thanks for responding. I’ll look into this as well.


By the way, one can also run the git bash INSIDE VS Code (the terminal). I find that very ergonomic.


VS Code keeps coming up in every second thread on IDE’s… I’ll try it out soon I think :slight_smile: