Upgrade Issues

Hey guys,
Just tried to switch to the latest version of JuliaPro 1.3.1 and have to say that finding information on how to upgrade Julia within JuliaPro are way to difficult. Couldn’t find any advice on your website. Would be just great to have clear instructions or a possibility to upgrade within Juno.

Best, Merit

Hi Merit,

The way to install the latest release of JuliaPro is to download the latest release from the website, and install it. JuliaPro is released as a bundle, and there is no easy way to change the version of Julia from within another version of JuliaPro. Note that multiple versions of JuliaPro can be installed simultaneously on a machine.



Thanks avik,

I had some issues with Juliapro before and after installing the new version, as the icon of the program changed, no highlighting code,…
Now installed Julia itself and installed Atom and the uber-juno extension and that seems to work just fine and much less buggy. Maybe it’s just my computer or I did something wrong while installing, but I tried it a couple times. Happy it works now, didn’t want to give up Julia since I find it interesting…