Updating to version 1.5

I use JuliaPro on a Windows computer, and want to upgrade to Julia 1.5. Is there a way to do this without uninstalling everything, then reinstalling it all again? For instance, could I download Julia 1.5 (not JuliaPro) and change the Julia.exe file in the JuliaPro folder? (Or would that make things break?) Or could I install version 1.5 in a Julia-1.5 folder inside the JuliaPro folder? And if so, how would I tell Atom to find the new Julia? And how would I move the packages over?

You can download the new Julia version to any directory, and just change the path to the Julia executable Atom is using.

Concerning the packages, probably this is the best way to update the packages to the new version: Managing packages for multiple julia versions - #2 by affans

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