Sunk with "In-Sync"

Julia is certainly beautiful. A Christmas gift. And…

I am trying to use Julia and its modules. I keep getting this error as soon as I open the REPL:

" Atom.jl: unrecognised message cacheCompletions.
│ Please make sure your Atom and Julia packages are in sync.
│ - Try using Pkg; Pkg.update() to update this package.
│ - Check for julia-client updates in Atom.
└ @ Atom C:\Users\Administrator.juliapro\JuliaPro_v1.0.5-2\packages\Atom\ipSjf\src\comm.jl:176"

Figuring that something had gotten screwed up, I uninstalled and then re-installed Julia. Same message, even on the very first opening of the REPL. Any idea what I might do to move forward?

Development has switched from Atom to VSCode. I suggest you try that instead.

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Thank you! Is there a VSCode package/add-in that is most current?


Actually it seems to me that your issue is that you’re using Julia 1.0.5 - it is highly recommended to use the latest stable release,which currently is v1.5.3

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Thank you. I have now switched to stable release 1.5.3 and VSCode. Now I will see if I can master them both. I was already using VSCode for Python, but I must say at just a soso level.

Here’s the Julia vscode extension:

Just search for Julia in the extensions list.