Unable to start vscode REPL

I’m having a problem with VSCode not being able to start the Julia REPL. From VSCode, it shows that the program had an exit status of 2. I copied the exact same command from VSCode and run it from a command prompt. It gave me this weird error trying to open a file with 552 (pid?) Any idea?

Ping: @davidanthoff

Hm, it is passing the terminalserver.jl file as the argument to the --project argument, which is wrong. So the real question is why is it doing that… Have you switched the julia environment in VS Code in some way?

It’s a bit strange. We restarted VSCode and now the problem went away.

Looks like the code is here. Still don’t know how it messes up though…

Yeah, I don’t really understand how that could have happened either… If it occurs again, please let us know!